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This theorist looked at children's early spelling and language knowledge.
a) Britton
b) Read
c) Chomsky
d) Vygotsky

This theorist believes in peer teaching to help students grow.
a) Chomsky
b) Vygotsky
c) Clay
d) Graves

Which theorist had these 6 principles: recurring, directional, generating, inventory, contrastive and abbreviation?
a) Vygotsky
b) Britton
c) Clay
d) Delpit

What do children need a strong foundation in before they can learn to read and write?
a) Their first language.
b) English
c) The ability to sit and learn.
d) Parents that are engaged in school.

What 2 items should be addressed when teaching writing?
a) listening and speaking
b) rhymes and rhythm
c) content and mechanics
d) content and characters

What do teachers need to review when planning activities?
a) state standards
b) If an activity is fun
c) What other teachers are teaching.
d) Last year's student results

Good planning isn't enough to write well. You also need to have lots of these:
a) pencils
b) imagination
c) good ideas
d) teachers

These are all examples of concepts about print.
a) directionality
b) author, illustrator
c) cover of book
d) all of the above

Which is the best time of day to introduce concepts about writing?
a) circle time
b) writer's workshop
c) morning meeting
d) There is not best time of the day

Which step of writer's workshop is the first official step?
a) first draft
b) editing
c) final draft
d) brainstorming

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