Fredrick Douglass Question Preview (ID: 1870)

Correctly Answer The Following Questions About What We Have Learned About Fredrick Douglass.

Frederick Douglass was
a) .a slave.
b) all of the above
c) an abolitionist
d) a writer

Fredrick Douglass was
a) born a slave
b) None of these
c) remained a slave his entire life
d) became a slave when he was 12 years old

An abolitionist was
a) a person who fought for equal rights.
b) None of these
c) a Civil War soldier who fought for the south.
d) a person who wanted slavery to end.

Frederick Douglass was sent to serve Edward Covey because
a) Covey was a sympathizer who wanted to help Frederick escape.
b) he was a gift to Covey from the Aulds.
c) Covey was known as a slave-breaker and it was thought that Frederick needed to be disciplined.
d) his owners needed money, so they sold him.

Lucretia Auld broke the law when she
a) allowed Frederick Douglass to travel by train.
b) took Frederick Douglass away from his mother.
c) taught Frederick Douglass some letters of the alphabet.
d) taught Frederick Douglass to read.

Frederick Douglass
a) escaped slavery but his owners kept looking for him.
b) escaped slavery and was later officially given his freedom.
c) Was granted freedom when he married Anna Murray, who was not a slave.
d) was released from slavery by Edward Covey after he beat Covey in a fight.

Why did Frederick Douglass go to Ireland in 1845?
a) He went on vacation
b) He went to visit some family in order to stay safe
c) He was afraid that the popularity of his book might make his former owner come after him.
d) None of these

In what year did Lincoln proclaim that slavery was to be ended?
a) 1962
b) 1862
c) 1850
d) None of these

The Reconstruction, which occurred just after the Civil War, was a time in American history when
a) the country was trying to rebuild without the help of slaves.
b) there was peace and harmony in America for a while.
c) many new buildings were constructed.
d) people celebrated the end of slavery.

Name two positions held by Frederick Douglass after the Civil War.
a) President of the Freedman’s Bank and United States Marshal
b) Judge and Recorder of Deeds for the District of Columbia
c) President of the Freedman's Bank and Director of Foreign Affairs
d) United States Marshal and President

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