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When are tornadoes most likely to occur?
a) fall during the morning
b) spring during the morning
c) summer during the evening
d) spring during the afternoon

What is NOT a major difference between hurricanes and tornadoes.
a) Hurricanes get names and tornadoes do not.
b) There is a lot more advanced notice with hurricanes and very little time with tornadoes.
c) Hurricanes form over the ocean and tornadoes form over land.
d) Winds speeds are a lot higher in hurricanes than in tornadoes.

What is NOT similar about the damage done by tornadoes and hurricanes?
a) ocean water comes surging into the area
b) Both can damage buildings and trees.
c) Both can kill people with flying debris.
d) Wind speed is a major factor how much damage both can do.

What is NOT similar about the scales used to measure hurricanes and tornadoes
a) they are based on the amount of precipitation
b) they are based on wind speed
c) they both take into account the damage done
d) their top number is a 5

Which of the following is NOT one of the 4 top weather related killers
a) flooding
b) extreme cold
c) extreme heat
d) tornadoes

Which of the following is NOT associated with severe thunderstorms?
a) strong winds
b) hail and/or heavy precipitation
c) high pressure center
d) lightning

What should people do if the tornado sirens go off?
a) Go outside and see if you see a tornado coming
b) Head to your basement or an internal room with no windows
c) Get in your car and evacuate the area
d) Get good pictures to load to instagram and tumblr

What should people do when a hurricane is forecasted?
a) Listen to public officials and evacuate when told to do so
b) Board up your windows and head to the basement
c) Get on your roof to get above the storm surge
d) Board up your windows and head to the highest point in your house.

When is hurricane season?
a) March until August
b) June until September
c) August until October
d) September until December

What are the most common of tornadoes?
a) F5
b) F4
c) F2 - F3
d) F0-F1

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