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Which of the following is an example of something an authoritarian government would do?
a) Ensure all citizens have equal rights.
b) Hold free, open, and fair elections.
c) Ensure that all citizens have equal economic opportunities.
d) Jail any opponent that runs in elections against the ruler.

Which description best characterizes a democracy?
a) A small party, or group of people meets once a year to select the ruler who then has authority to rule the whole nation.
b) People give authority to a king or queen who has been chosen by God to rule.
c) People choose their leaders and give them the authority to rule.
d) The person who can accumulate the most military power rules the nation.

To have authority, a government must have __________ and __________.
a) power, freedom
b) power, coercive force
c) legitimacy, consent
d) legitimacy, power

The ability to get one to do something without violence or torture is called__________.
a) legitimacy
b) coercive force
c) power
d) rights

A leader decides to jail those who are his political opponents. Which understanding best relates to this situation?
a) Governments coordinate efforts of citizens to accomplish goals they could not accomplish alone.
b) Power only becomes authority when it is recognized and accepted by those who will be under the authority.
c) The authority of government is challenged by other sources of power in society.
d) The danger of democratic governments is that the majority can deny rights to others, whether through laws or social pressure.

Which of the following is NOT a purpose of government?
a) provide public services
b) protect individual rights
c) eliminate all threats to their citizens
d) make economic decisions

Which is NOT a type of power?
a) Military
b) Diplomatic
c) Intellectual
d) Experience

Which of the following is an example of intellectual power?
a) President Obama
b) Oprah Winfrey
c) Dr. Henry Louis Gates
d) Vice Admiral Michelle Howard

Governing well is best represented by doing which of the following?
a) Giving money to the people.
b) Meeting the 5 purposes of government.
c) Helping other countries.
d) Spying on the people in order to keep them safe.

According to John Locke's theory, ___
a) all humans are naturally selfish.
b) all people are born free and equal.
c) civilization corrupted people's natural goodness.
d) a ruler needs total power to keep people under control.

Who believed the social contract existed to protect rights?
a) Hobbes
b) Locke
c) Rousseau
d) Voltaire

Which group would be a minority at Leyden?
a) right handed people
b) people with some level of Mexican ethnicity
c) people under 18 years of age
d) adults

You can never have total __________ and __________.
a) freedom, power
b) freedom, legitimacy
c) freedom, coercive force
d) freedom, security

Which of the following is an example of an authoritarian government?
a) a republic
b) a monarchy in which the monarch has little power
c) a direct democracy
d) a dictatorship

Which of the following is an example of Governments accomplish what citizens would have difficulty doing individually?
a) Mowing citizens lawns.
b) Opening a coffee shop.
c) Giving away food.
d) Creating and providing access to clean water.

Consent in government terms means.....
a) to punish
b) to criticize
c) to agree
d) to approve

Power becomes authority only when?
a) When the power is seen as legitimate.
b) When the power is authoritarian.
c) When the power is military power.
d) When the power is military and economic power.

Which of the following is an example of military power?
a) cool clothes
b) a gun
c) a PhD
d) money

Which of the following is an example of maintain public order?
a) Police breaking up a fight at a bar.
b) Local government decided to increase the garbage tax.
c) Local government inspecting restaurants.
d) None of these is right.

What does the term sovereign nation mean?
a) An area being taken over by another area.
b) A state existing within the framework of a larger nation.
c) A nation with a government that independently rules over the people.
d) A nation with a king or queen only.

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