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How many blocks are in one day?
a) Three
b) Four
c) Five
d) Eight

Which blocks are on A Day?
a) 1-4
b) 1-5
c) 5-8
d) 4-8

Where do 6th graders go in the morning when they get to school?
a) Cafeteria
b) Auditorium
c) Gym
d) House C

Which house are the 6th graders in?
a) House A
b) House B
c) House C
d) House D

How long is each block?
a) 60 minutes
b) 75 minutes
c) 90 minutes
d) 130 minutes

How many minutes are between each block?
a) 4
b) 5
c) 6
d) 7

Which two classes do you have during your split block?
a) Art and Keyboarding
b) Music and Study Hall/Spectrum
c) Music and PE
d) Art and PE

Which classes are your semester classes?
a) Art and Keyboarding
b) Music and Study Hall / Spectrum
c) PE and Music
d) English and Art

Which class do you have every day?
a) Math
b) English
c) Science
d) History

What do you need to have in order to leave class?
a) Agenda
b) Pencil
c) Book
d) Paper

Where in your locker should you put big books and binders?
a) Top Shelf
b) Hooks
c) Bottom
d) On Door

How often should you bring home your PE uniform?
a) Weekly
b) Monthly
c) Yearly
d) Never

Where should electronics be kept during the day?
a) In your pocket
b) In your binder
c) In your locker
d) In your friend's pocket

Where can you look to find due dates and other information?
a) Website
b) On the floor
c) In your textbook
d) You can't

Where is the clinic?
a) In the House
b) Connected to Main Office
c) By the Gym
d) Behind the Auditorium

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