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The very first dangerous stop the men made was at the
a) Land of the Lotus Eaters
b) Land of the Laestrygonian Giants
c) The Brass Island
d) The Underworld

Odysseus first learns his mother died when he saw her
a) in Pelicata Palace.
b) under his ship.
c) in a dream.
d) in the Underworld.

Poseidon began hating Odysseus after he:
a) polluted the sea.
b) started traveling by boat, instead of by land.
c) blinded his son.
d) mocked him.

The punishment for eating the Cattle of the Sun God was what?
a) Poseidon would attack.
b) The sun would not set.
c) The men would starve.
d) There was no punishment; the cows were meant to be eaten.

For how many years total is Odysseus away from home?
a) 3
b) 7
c) 15
d) 20

Where does Odysseus spend the longest amount of time? How long?
a) With Circe, 1 year.
b) With the Siren Singers, 5 years.
c) With Princess Nausicaa, 10 years.
d) With Calypso, 7 years.

An epic can be defined as:
a) A long, narrative poem.
b) A series of stories combined into one.
c) Something totally cool that happens that likely won't happen again.
d) A Disney movie about a teenager.

Which of the following would not be described as tip-offs for mythology:
a) Contains supernatural elements
b) Explains things that happen in nature
c) Must be an epic
d) Involves gods and goddesses

The genre of The Odyssey is ________.
a) Biography
b) Non-Fiction
c) Science Fiction
d) Mythology

Which of the following was NOT in love with Odysseus:
a) Calypso
b) Circe
c) Athene
d) Nausicaa

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