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Grammar is the study of ...
a) written language
b) units of measure
c) letters
d) commas

Urban is the opposite of...
a) city
b) suburbs
c) rural
d) Meyer

Antiobiotics do this....
a) make you ill
b) are against your life
c) grow life
d) fight against the life of germs

To try to calm someone, give them one of these...
a) a pacifier
b) a fiasco
c) a petrodollar
d) a cryptogram

Define intra
a) through, within
b) within, inside, on the inside
c) between, among, together
d) camp or fort

Define cide.
a) kill
b) life
c) live
d) death

The words dovetail and interlock would be ________.
a) Homonyms
b) Antonyms
c) Synonyms
d) Persuasive Language

Define gram.
a) A term used for grandmothers
b) A unit of weight
c) write, letter, a written record
d) To measure something

Define geo.
a) earth, world
b) outer space
c) rocks, land
d) math, measurement

Define bio.
a) trees
b) science
c) death
d) life

Define ology.
a) one who studies
b) the study of bird eggs
c) the study of
d) too many o's

Define ped.
a) shoe
b) foot
c) small sock
d) legs

If you want to hide something, you should find a good ...
a) ham
b) cache
c) rural
d) fiasco

Green is the color of ...
a) envy
b) podiatrists
c) villages
d) dovetails

Define mini, micro, and ette.
a) tiny
b) large
c) small, little, minor
d) rock, stone

Define lith and petro.
a) large
b) stone, rock
c) small, tiny
d) earth, underground

Define mega.
a) large, great
b) mighty, powerful
c) a million times
d) All of the above

People can be petrified if they...
a) are trees.
b) laughing really hard.
c) are paralyzed by fear.
d) study for exams too long.

One may say a dark sky with rain clouds is an _________ sign of storms to come.
a) ominous
b) dormant
c) err
d) profound

If I study, my exam will not be a _________.
a) camera
b) fiasco
c) imminent
d) pro and con

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