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1820 -1860
a) The Age of Jackson
b) The Age of Compromise (to prevent a civil war)
c) The Era of Good Feelings
d) The Great Awakening

a) The American Civil War
b) The American Revolution
c) The Civil Rights Movement
d) The Women's Sufferage Movement

a) Civil War
b) Westward Expansion
c) Colonial America
d) The American revolution

a) America deals with Great Britain again and protects its freedom
b) France tries to invade the USA
c) Japan claims California for tiself
d) Mexico become a part of the United States

a) The discovery of Canada begins
b) Thomas Jefferson makes the Louisiana Purchase, doubling the size of the US
c) England reclaims part of the New England area
d) Spain invades the United States

a) The war of 1812 begins
b) The American Revolution ends
c) The War with Mexico is decided
d) The first battles of World War I are fought

a) The Declaration if Independence is written
b) The Treaty of Paris is signed
c) The United States Constitution is written
d) The Articles of Confederation are approved

a) The First shots of the Civil War are fired
b) The Constitution is written
c) The English Bill of Rights is approved
d) The Declaration of Independence is approved

a) The founding of Jamestown, Virginia
b) The discovery of steam power
c) The invention of the lightbulb
d) The founding of Plymouth in Massachusetts

a) The Western Frontier in conquered by the Spanis
b) Columbus discovers the New World
c) Magellan sails around the world
d) Native Americans invent a new form of religion

a) Reconstruction
b) Temperance Movement
c) The Great Awakening
d) The Civil Rights Movement

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