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Whose letters became a main source of information on life during the American Revolution?
a) Abigail Adams
b) Ben Franklin
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) Wentwroth Cheswell

Who led the debate for independence and later served as the country's 2nd President?
a) George Washington
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) John Adams
d) Ben Franklin

Who fought at the Battle of Saratoga and later became the first elected African American to serve in public office?
a) Wentworth Cheswell
b) James Armistead
c) Crispus Attucks
d) Haym Soloman

Who was famous for her letters against the British policies and was considered the First Lady of the Revolution?
a) Abigail Adams
b) Mercy Otis Warren
c) Clara Barton
d) Martha Washington

Who was the king of Great Britain during the American Revolution?
a) Edward V
b) Henry VIII
c) George III
d) Richard I

Who became famous as America's first double spy?
a) Haym Solomon
b) James Amistead
c) Crispus Attucks
d) Bernardo Galvez

Who was known as the a radical leader and founder of the Sons of Liberty, which acted out against the King's policies?
a) John Adams
b) Ben Franklin
c) Sam Adams
d) Thomas Paine

Who was the Jewish financier (a person with money) that gave tons of support to the Continental Army during the American Revolution?
a) George Washington
b) Haym Solomon
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) Sam Adams

Who was the famous American inventor, author, statesmen, and American first world celebrity?
a) Ben Franklin
b) John Adams
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) Andrew Jackson

Who was the first person killed during the Boston Massacre?
a) Benedict Arnold
b) Crispus Attucks
c) James Armistead
d) Sam Adams

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