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9. Which of these form Europe killed many Native Americans?
a) a. Small pox
b) b. Flu
c) c. Cold
d) d. Malaria

8. Which time period built mounds between 1000 B.C. and A.D. 1000 to use for burials and in religious ceremonies?
a) a. Woodland
b) b. Missippian
c) c. Paleo
d) d. Archaic

7. Which device was used by the Paleo and Archaic Indians to throw spears farther distances?
a) a. Atlatl
b) b. Stone
c) c. Iron
d) d. Pulley

6. True or False? Culture is the beliefs, traditions, types of art, and lifestyle of one person.
a) a. False
b) b. True

4. True or False? Piedmont is the second most populated region.
a) a. False
b) b. True

5. The Fall Line is located between ________
a) a. Piedmont and Coastal Plains
b) b. Coastal Plains and Ridge and Valley
c) c. Blue Ridge and Ridge and Valley
d) d. Appalachian Plateau and Ridge and Valley

3. Which region is the largest region in Georgia?
a) a. Coastal Plains
b) b. Piedmont
c) c. Ridge and Valley
d) d. Appalachian Plateau

2. Which river forms the natural boundary between GA and South Carolina?
a) a. Savannah River
b) b. Okefenokee Swamp
c) c. Chattahoochee River
d) d. Fall Line

1. Which region receives has the most rain out of all the regions in Georgia?
a) a. Blue Ridge
b) b. Ridge and Valley
c) c. Piedmont
d) d. Appalachian Plateau

0. What is NOT the three primary reasons Spain explored the New World?
a) a. Land
b) b. Gold
c) c. Glory
d) d. God

Which of these were started by the Spanish to convert the Native Americans to Catholicism?
a) a. Spanish missions
b) b. Catholic missions
c) c. Protestant missions
d) d. English missions

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