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An immense body of of air characterized by similar properties at any given altitude is know as an
a) cyclone
b) air mass
c) anticyclone
d) front

Which two properties characterize an air mass
a) temperature and location
b) temperature and pressure
c) temperature and mositure
d) moisture and pressure

A cold dry air mass that moves over warm tropical waters will likely become
a) colder and drier
b) wartmer and drier
c) colder and wetter
d) warmer and wetter

An air mass gets its characteristic properties from an area known as the
a) weather site
b) place of origin
c) classification region
d) source region

Maritime air masses form
a) over land
b) over water
c) only in winter
d) only in summer

Which air mass often originates as a different air mass in Siberia and is subsequently altered
a) mT
b) cP
c) mP
d) cT

Lake effect snow is association with which air mass
a) mT
b) cP
c) cT
d) mP

The boundary that separates different air masses is called as
a) front
b) cyclone
c) anticyclone
d) storm

On a weather map, which type of of front is shown by a line with semicircles extending from one side
a) warm
b) cold
c) stationary
d) occluded

What type of front forms when the surface position of the front does not move
a) warm
b) cold
c) stationary
d) occluded

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