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What is the first step in finding information on the Web?
a) locating a good search engine
b) forming logic statements
c) selecting the right keywords
d) using the search engine's advanced search options.

What is the name for advertising that appears as a rectangular shape across the top or bottom of a Web page?
a) banner
b) pennant
c) streamer
d) flag

How do plug-ins such as Shockwave by Macormedia enhance Web sites?
a) They let users experience graphics, sound, and video.
b) The reduce the time it takes to download music and videos.
c) They add text, photos, and links to Web pages.
d) They warn users when their cookie files are being accessed.

What are cookies?
a) small files that indicate what Web sites the user has visited
b) small files that contain favorite recipes
c) small programs that provide the ability to play online games.
d) miniprograms that extend the capabilities of Web browsers.

In contrast to HTML, XML
a) is less flexible.
b) is able to include hyperlinks.
c) allows computers to communicate with each other directly.
d) defines only the content of a Web page.

In the URL, what does news represent?
a) file specifications
b) communications protocol
c) domain name
d) format information

What is the domain suffix for the U.S. Navy?
a) .gov
b) .org
c) .mil
d) .com

A language for describing other languages is called a
a) hyperlanguage
b) metalanguage
c) Web language
d) browser language

In the URL, what does emcparadigm represent?
a) communications protocol
b) domain name
c) file specification
d) format information

What is moving about the Web called?
a) scanning the Web
b) searching the Web
c) surfing the Web
d) scrolling the Web

What is the name for a virtual body in an online game?
a) Valkyrie
b) nanobot
c) avatar
d) blogger

Which of the following would be the best alternative for Internet access for a person who lives in a remote area of the country?
a) Wi-Fi
b) cable modem
c) satellite
d) Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)

People who perfrom their work activities at home by using a computer and an Internet connection are called?
a) teleplanners
b) telemarketers
c) telecommuters
d) teleprocessors

Which one of the following requires users to be online at the same time?
a) chat rooms
b) mailing lists
c) electronic bulletin boards
d) newsgroups

Which form of Internet communication would give you access to YouTube videos?
a) chat rooms
b) video streaming sites
c) blogs
d) mailing lists

Blogs are electronic __________________.
a) newspapers
b) novels
c) magazines
d) journals

What is the most used Internet application?
a) distance learning
b) e-mailing
c) music downloading
d) online shopping

Peer-to-peer applications raise the concerns regarding.
a) personal security
b) identity theft
c) copyrighted materials
d) computer viruses

The most common search operators are ______.
a) AND
b) OR
c) NOT
d) all of the answers

______________ states that all net traffic shall be treated with equal priority.
a) Netiquette
b) Moderated environments
c) The Net Act
d) Net neutrality

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