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What is a gain in company by selling goods or providing services?
a) Profit
b) Credit
c) Retirement
d) Income

Which three are examples of businesses started in Georgia?
a) Coca- Cola, Home Depot, and Georgia- Pacific
b) Macy’s Incorporated, Nissan, and Georgia- Pacific
c) Honda, Home Depot, and Coca- Cola
d) Delta Airlines, Home Depot, and Apple

Which type of city government has a mayor with no executive powers, but it has a legislature that makes laws for the government?
a) Weak- Mayor Government
b) Council- Manager Government
c) Strong Mayor Council
d) Weak Council- Mayor Government

Which of these is NOT considered an unruly behavior?
a) A juvenile refuses to go to school.
b) A juvenile runs away from home.
c) A juvenile commits murder.
d) A juvenile roams is caught with an alcoholic beverage in hand without parent.

What are the four steps of the judicial process from beginning to end?
a) Arresting, Probable Cause Hearing, Adjudicatory Hearing, and Dispositional Hearing
b) Probable Cause Hearing, Adjudicatory Hearing, Arresting, and Dispositional Hearing
c) Arresting, Dispositional Hearing, Adjudicatory Hearing, and Probable Cause Hearing
d) Dispositional Hearing, Arresting, Probable Cause Hearing, and Adjudicatory Hearing

What is the type of government in which there is city council which makes laws and a very strong mayor?
a) Strong Mayor- Council Government
b) Weak Mayor- Council Government
c) Council- Mayor Government
d) Weak Council- Mayor Government

What are the three requirements to register to vote in Georgia?
a) 18 Years Old, U.S. citizen, and Resident of the County where you are voting
b) 21 Years Old, State citizen, and Resident of Georgia
c) 18 Years Old, State citizen, and Resident of the U.S.
d) 18 Years Old, U.S. citizen, and Resident of Georgia

How many years is one term in Georgia’s Supreme Court or Court of Appeals?
a) 6 years
b) 4 years
c) 2 years
d) 5 years

How many municipalities are in the state of Georgia?
a) 535
b) 435
c) 335
d) 235

What type of government is SPLOST?
a) Special Purpose Government
b) County Government
c) State Government
d) National Government

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