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What is the conversation between characters called?
a) dialogue
b) conflict
c) figurative language
d) characterization

What are hints from the author that help define a difficult or unusual word?
a) context clues
b) point of view
c) topic sentence
d) author's purpose

What is the struggle between opposing forces called?
a) conflict
b) climax
c) author's purpose
d) antagonist

What is the point in a story where the conflict reaches its greatest intensity and is then solved?
a) climax
b) main idea
c) foreshadowing
d) conflict

How does an author reveal a character's personality?
a) characterization
b) dialogue
c) personification
d) conflict

What is the intention of a writer's work?
a) author's purpose
b) conflict
c) setting
d) theme

What is the opponent or enemy of the main character called?
a) antagonist
b) conflict
c) characterization
d) protagonist

What is the environment in which a story takes places?
a) setting
b) climax
c) conflict
d) imagery

What is a phrase that is like a sentence but is incomplete ?
a) sentence fragment
b) topic sentence
c) complex sentence
d) run-on sentence

What is a sentence that is too long and should be broken into two or more sentences?
a) run-on sentence
b) compound sentence
c) complex sentence
d) dialogue

What is a syllable in front of a root word?
a) prefix
b) suffix
c) article
d) conjunction

What is the main character in a story called?
a) protagonist
b) author's purpose
c) characterization
d) antagonist

What is the sequence of events in a story?
a) plot
b) author's purpose
c) main idea
d) theme

What is the perspective from which a story is told?
a) point of view
b) mood
c) personification
d) characterization

What is the feeling a reader gets from reading a story?
a) mood
b) setting
c) theme
d) point of view

What is the one thought expressed in a sentence?
a) main idea
b) theme
c) topic sentence
d) conflict

What are clues or hints about something that is going to happen later in the story.
a) foreshadowing
b) figurative language
c) conflict
d) scooby snacks

What is a conclusion based on evidence?
a) inference
b) plot
c) imagery
d) sherlock holmes

What type of sentence introduces a dependent clause with words such as: although, while, because, therefore.
a) complex sentence
b) compound sentence
c) interrogative sentence
d) persuasive sentence

What type of sentence is formed by joining two or more simple sentences with conjuctions, such as: and, or, but, nor, yet.
a) compound sentence
b) complex sentence
c) informational sentence
d) interrogative sentence

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