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Giant pandas are MOST CLOSELY related to
a) red pandas
b) raccoons
c) dogs
d) bears

A trait is
a) only a body part
b) a body part or behavior
c) only a behavior
d) a species

To evolve is to
a) change over time
b) become extinct
c) grow
d) reproduce

Organisms with the MOST RECENT common ancestors are
a) extinct
b) not related
c) most closely related
d) least closely related

Ants, snails, giant pandas, and lions are in the same
a) species
b) genus
c) phylum
d) kingdom

An organism that is gone forever from Earth is
a) classified
b) selected naturally
c) extinct
d) adapted

New kinds of organisms are produced by
a) traits
b) natural selection
c) adaptations
d) extinctions

The organisms in which grouping are MOST like one another?
a) kingdom
b) class
c) species
d) genus

How does the white fur of an arctic hare help it survive in its environment?
a) It keeps its enemies from easily seeing it
b) It keeps it cool
c) It helps it grow
d) It helps it sleep

A trait that helps an organisms survive is a(n)
a) change
b) environment
c) species
d) adaptation

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