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All of the following are TRUE about fossils EXCEPT
a) It is very difficult for a fossil to form.
b) Some fossils stay buried and are never discovered.
c) The most common fossils is the original remains fossil.
d) Some fossils are destroyed by physical and biological factors.

All of the following are biological factors that can keep an organism from fossilizing EXCEPT:
a) scavengers
b) bacteria
c) fungi
d) rainfall

Which of the following would be LEAST likely to fossilize?
a) teeth
b) skin
c) bones
d) shells

The most important step in increasing an organism's chance of becoming a fossil is
a) rapid burial
b) heat
c) pressure
d) decomposition

Identify the geologic processes that can destroy fossils after they have formed.
a) crushing, melting, moving, eroding
b) transporting, transpiring, melting, crushing
c) evaporating, melting, eroding
d) transporting, crushing, moving evaporating

Which organism is MOST likely to fossilize if conditions are right?
a) worm
b) dragonfly
c) mouse
d) jellyfish

All of the following represent physical factors than can keep an organism from becoming a fossil EXCEPT:
a) decomposers
b) wind
c) rainfall
d) sunlight

What percent of organisms living today are likely to become fossils in the future?
a) less than 10%
b) less than 25-50%
c) less than 50-75%
d) about 100%

Which environment would be best for fossilization?
a) shallow ocean floor
b) rainforest
c) intertidal ocean
d) fast flowing river

A rain forest is NOT a good environment for fossilization due to all of the following EXCEPT:
a) too much rain
b) too many scavengers
c) too many decomposers
d) too many sediments

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