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Which trait is most likely an inherited trait?
a) scars
b) accent
c) ability to read
d) bone structure

All of the genetic material that an organism has is called its __________.
a) genome
b) blueprint
c) chromosome
d) gene

Characteristics of an organism.
a) genotype
b) genome
c) polygenetics
d) traits

Traits that an organism gets from its genes.
a) Acquired
b) inherited
c) obtained
d) given

Which organizes the items smallest to largest?
a) chromosomes, genes, genome
b) bases, genes, chromosomes, genome
c) genome, genes, bases, chromosomes
d) elephant, mouse, bacteria

The gender of humans is determined by the sex chromosomes. What is the genotype for male and female humans?
a) XX, XX
b) Xy, XV
c) Xy, XX
d) XX, Xy

Where are the chromosomes of an organism found.
a) in the cytoplasm of the cell
b) in the nucleus of the cell
c) on the outside of the cell
d) only in blood cells

If tongue rolling is dominant. If a person cannot roll his tongue what must his genotype be?
a) Tt
b) TT
c) tt
d) tT

If the allele for red is dominant over white, what phenotype would a red flower have?
a) CC
b) Cc
c) cc
d) CC or Cc

____________ are different forms of genes.
a) alleles
b) genomes
c) nuclei
d) nucleic acids

Each gene codes for one _________.
a) trait
b) protein
c) cell
d) phenotype

Chromosomes are tightly wound coils of _________.
a) nuclei
b) proteins
c) cells
d) DNA

Genes are located on _______.
a) DNA
b) Cell membranes
c) Chromosomes
d) none of the above

The genes an organism has for a trait.
a) phenotype
b) genotype
c) offspring
d) DNA

The physical trait of an organism.
a) phenotype
b) genotype
c) alleles
d) cells

Which trait is most likely acquired?
a) shape of a trees leaf
b) color of a butterfly
c) which hand a person writes with
d) blood type of a person

The shape of the DNA molecule
a) long and flat
b) circular
c) double helix
d) rope shaped

The bases of DNA that work to spell the genetic code.
a) A,B,C,D
b) A,Q,R,T
c) A,T,F,F
d) A,T,C,G

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