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What is a situation in which the government does not favor or establish a religion?
a) 5th Amendment
b) Freedom of Choice
c) Separate but Equal
d) Separation of Church and State

What was an influence on the Bill of Rights?
a) English Bill of Rights
b) Magna Carta
c) Colonial Charters
d) All

Which controversial amendment protects the right to bear arms?
a) Third
b) First
c) Second
d) Fourth

How has every amendment to the Constitution been proposed?
a) Congress
b) National Convention
c) By the President
d) There have not been any proposals

Which amendment recognizes that all rights could not possibly be listed so those rights are left to others to be determined?
a) Ninth
b) Tenth
c) None
d) Both

Who's job is it to interpret the Bill of Rights?
a) The President
b) Our Nation's Courts
c) The Congress
d) Stave Governors

Which of the following protects your right to express your opinion publicly?
a) The First Amendment
b) Both
c) Freedom of Speech
d) None

How can an amendment be ratified?
a) State Conventions
b) State Legislatures
c) Both
d) None

What is a way that an amendment may be proposed for the Constitution?
a) National Convention
b) Both
c) Congress
d) None

What is being tried for the same crime twice?
a) Eminent Domain
b) Double Jeopardy
c) Checks and Balances
d) Due Process

In which of the following case studies did the Supreme Court uphold the right of freedom of speech?
a) Tinker
b) Skokie
c) Both
d) None

How many amendments have been made to the Constitution? (
a) 50
b) 10
c) 30
d) 27

What does the first amendment protect?
a) Freedom of Religion
b) Freedom of Speech
c) Freedom of Assembly
d) All of them

What is the process by which the government must treat accused persons fairly according to law?
a) Due Process of Law
b) Right to Bear Arms
c) Separation of Church and State
d) Checks and Balances

Who promised a Bill of Rights for the Constitution?
a) George Washington
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) James Madison
d) John Adams

What is it called when the government can take private property for public use?
a) Miranda
b) Due Process
c) Eminent Domain
d) Bill of Rights

What was a case study that involved the right of students to wear protest arm bands in school? (
a) Skokie
b) Tinker
c) Marbury v. Madison
d) Plessy Case

Which amendment protects you from illegal search and seizures?
a) Third
b) Second
c) Fourth
d) Fifth

How is it to intepret the Bill of Rights?
a) Easy
b) Hard
c) Medium
d) It needs no interpretation

What is a list of a citizen's rights called?
a) Bill of Rights
b) Articles
c) Preamble
d) Declaration

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