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WHich of these was most likely formed by a glacier?
a) a wide valley
b) a deep ocean
c) a lava flow
d) a mountain range

A mixure of large plastic, steel, and glass beads were place in a container. It will be easy to seperate because they are
a) less dense than water
b) solids
c) have the same mass
d) attracted to a magnet

Which two traits best help a cactus survive in a desert?
a) large flowers and sweet fruit
b) sweet fruit and sharp spines
c) sharp spines and waxy stems
d) waxy stems and large flowers

In which situation does light bend?
a) light moves through air into water
b) light hits a wall
c) light passes through outer space
d) light hits a mirror

A power plant uses steam and cold water from a nearby well. What is it using to produce electricity?
a) fossil fuels
b) biofuels
c) solar energy
d) geothermal energy

In the fall and winter many trees lose their leaves in response to cooler temps and
a) a decrease in wind speed
b) fewer hours of daylight
c) increase in humidity
d) more direct sunlight

Which produces energy from an alternative source
a) burning coal to heat homes
b) using biofuels to generate electricity
c) building water treatment plant to improve water quality
d) replacing lawns with plants that require less water

How do objective lens' help a scientist observe the moon? They...
a) produce light
b) block light
c) reflects light
d) refracts light

On which side of your house should you look out the window to watch the sunrise each day?
a) north
b) south
c) east
d) west

Which of these best describes climate rather than weather?
a) wind speed is changing as a storm moves through an area
b) the temp is decreasing in a slow moving cold front
c) annual high temperatures in the summer have increased over many decades
d) the rainfall during one year was greater than the rainfall during the following year

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