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Swimmers can foat more easily in ocean water than freshwater. The most likely reason is that the
a) viscosity of pond water is greater than ocean water
b) density of ocean water is higher than pond water
c) temperature of pond water is lower than ocean water
d) mass of ocean water is greater than pond water

What is the mass of a 500 ml sample of seawater with a density of 1.025 g/ml?
a) 487.8 g
b) 500.0 g
c) 512.5 g
d) 625.0 g

An unknown powder has a constant melting point and doesn't chemically separate into other substances
a) an element
b) a compound
c) a mixture
d) an alloy

Rust forms on an iron pipe after prolonged exposure to humid air. What type of change is this?
a) mechanical
b) nuclear
c) chemical
d) physical

What are the coefficients that will balance PbO2 yields PbO + O2
a) 2, 1, 1
b) 3, 4, 2
c) 2, 2, 1
d) 4, 3, 2

The structure of pure water makes it a good
a) solvent
b) catalyst
c) conductor
d) nutrient

Which bike rider has the greatest momentum?
a) A 40 Kg person riding at 45 km/h
b) A 50 kg person riding at 35 km/h
c) A 60 kg person riding at 25 km/h
d) A 70 g person riding at 15 Km/h

All the following are in DNA except
a) carbon dioxide
b) deoxyribose
c) nitrogen
d) phosphate

Ultraviolet radiation can cause mutations in the DNA of skin cells. Why won't it effect offsprings ?
a) changes in skin cell DNA are homozygous recessive
b) mutations must occur within the RNA codons
c) offspring reject parental skin cells
d) only changes to gamete DNA can be inherited

Single celled organisms from pond water with a nucleus and either cilia or flagella belong to
a) Animalia
b) Fungi
c) Plantae
d) Protista

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