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Which of the following is most likely to be visible to search engine spiders:
a) HTML text
b) flash files
c) java applets
d) images

To attract fans to their web sites, professional sport organizations, media outlets, and entrepreneurs offer online simulations that allow fans to build their own sport teams and compete against other fans' sport teams. This is
a) online exchange
b) data exchange
c) game works
d) fantasy sports

Sport/event industries often use the electronic media to
a) motivate customers to buy
b) conduct worldwide research
c) attract advertising support.
d) encourage athletes to participate.

Which of the following best enables marketers to target specific groups of customers so that the marketers can focus their promotional efforts to get the best results
a) advertising
b) publicity
c) direct marketing
d) sales promotion

A business places a matrix on a promotional sign that customers can scan with their smartphones. After scanning, customers have digital coupons in their smartphones, which they use to obtain discounted products at the point of purchase. this is
a) cable-network tags
b) quick response codes
c) reverse-messaging features
d) reciept-verification applications

When writing direct - mail advertising letters, the account executive responsible for promoting a team in the National Hockey League should
a) develop copy that is in more detail than that in print advertisements.
b) write copy that will appeal to a mass audience.
c) attempt to depersonalize the message.
d) recognize that the results of the direct - mail effort cannot be measured.

Why is it important for internet businesses to write content for their web - site home pages that is interesting as well as concise?
a) message is complex
b) space is limited
c) disign is simple
d) access is restricted

When an advertising agency develops content for a client's web site, the writer should format the text so it is easy for the web site's visitors to
a) order desired goods
b) identify the tagline
c) translate features into benefits
d) locate relevant information

One advantage of writing direct - mail letters that include coupons or reply cards is that the result of the advertising effort is
a) inexpensive
b) measurable
c) traditional
d) competitive

One of advantage of using e - mail marketing is that it is
a) cost effective
b) anonymous
c) profit oriented
d) impersonal

A business that asks customers to forward an e - mail to their friends or associates is engaged in
a) suggestion selling
b) direct advertising
c) viral marketing
d) image building

Which one of the following computer programs prevents email messages containing the word free in the subject header from entering an inbox
a) queues
b) filters
c) gophers
d) servers

What mailing technique do businesses often use if they do not have mailing - list software?
a) autoresponders
b) blind carbon copy
c) internet service providers
d) bookmark feature

The body of an e - mail that reads, Dear Sue, we hope you are enjoying the newsletter, is an example of a/an ______ message.
a) understandable
b) compelling
c) focused
d) personalized

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