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Males between the ages of 18 - 35 who are sports - minded and live in Orlando, Florida is an example of a
a) niche market
b) demographic characteristic
c) sponsor
d) marketing mix

What should a sports or entertainment event do in order to be successful?
a) earn maximimum profits
b) satisfy customer wants
c) generate favorable press
d) promote popular causes

An important part of target marketing in the sports and entertainment industry involves appealing to potential customers who have
a) past experience
b) athletic ability
c) disposable income
d) leisure time

Which of the following is a factor that sports and entertainment marketers consider when targeting customers for a specific event
a) personalities
b) expectations
c) demographics
d) affiliations

When a sport marketer considers factors such as lifestyles and interest levels in a specific sport, s/he is segmenting a market on the basis of
a) psychographics
b) gender
c) demographics
d) geographics

A vital promotional technique for entertainment marketing is the use of
a) distribution
b) vertical integration
c) braodcast webs
d) trailers

A business wants to create or emphasize positive associations between a specific sport and itself. What type of advertising media should the business consider using?
a) stadium signage
b) opt-in-email
c) contest
d) newspaper

Repeated exposure to the largest, most diverse population of people is a benefit of ___________ advertising.
a) newspaper
b) direct
c) radio
d) out-of-home

What form of advertising involves a company paying an athlete to appear in a televison commercial or newspaper ad?
a) testimonial
b) endorsement
c) promotion
d) broadcast

After a volleyball player wins a gold medal in the summer Olympics, a sunscreen manufacturer pays the athlete to appear in its television commercials and magazine advertisements. This is an example of
a) publicity
b) sponsorship
c) endorsement
d) loyalty marketing

Advertising copy that states Only 3 days left is trying to
a) encourage action
b) describe features
c) identify benefits
d) make a claim

When Arm and Hammer advertises that its baking soda gets rid of odors in refrigerators, its ad copy is pointing out the product's
a) producer
b) price
c) features
d) uses

The basic elements of a print advertisement are the
a) artwork, illustrations, logo, and colorwork
b) headline, illustration, copy, and business identification
c) layout, arrangement, white space, and border
d) headline, subheadline, copy, and price.

Computers are complex products and have features that need to be explained. Which of the following elements would be crucial to include in an advertisement for a new computer:
a) slogan
b) headline
c) copy
d) illustration

The part of a print ad that is noticed first by readers is the
a) business identification
b) illustration
c) white space
d) copy

Which of the following types of sport/event businesses would be most likely to place a banner advertisement on a ski resort's web site
a) shoe manufacturer
b) cross-training equipment distributor
c) rock-climbing equipment distributor
d) snowboard retailer

Which of the following is a characteristic of most online banner advertisements
a) interactive
b) restrictive
c) selective
d) productive

How does a professional sports team earn revenue when it permits games to appear on television?
a) Participating in merchandising programs.
b) Sponsoring charitable events
c) Selling broadcast rights
d) Promoting the games on its web site

Currently, which of the following mobile advertising strategies has been most successful:
a) rich media
b) cross-platform campaign
c) text message with coupon
d) banner ad campaign

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