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To alter something is to
a) listen
b) leave the same
c) change it
d) recommend it

She only confued the situation...means
a) made it better
b) simplified it
c) recognized it
d) made it harder to understand

A person who distributes something
a) throws it away
b) passes it out
c) keeps it for themselves
d) handles it

you are ejected from the game! That means you are...
a) kicked out
b) welcome to play
c) are the best player
d) always follows the rules

Embrace means to
a) reject the idea
b) come up with an idea
c) take the idea seriously
d) ponder the idea

You are fully equiped... means
a) ready for the activity
b) are missing some parts
c) need more time
d) have big dreams

It happened in an instant...means
a) took a long time
b) took a few minutes
c) next week
d) in a moments time

To be flexible means to ...
a) do the same thing everyday
b) are able to chane plans easily
c) hate change
d) love flexing

He is a keen young man...means...
a) is not smart
b) loves cleaning
c) has sharp senses
d) is an older brother

The old man walked with a limp...means he
a) skips everywhere
b) has a lopsided walk
c) runs fast
d) has a wheelchair

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