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What type of government developed from Marxism?
a) Communist
b) Constitutional Monarcy
c) Republic
d) Democractic

What army did Mao Zedong\'s Red Army defeat?
a) CCP or Chinese Communist
b) South Korean
c) KMT or Nationalist
d) North Korean\'

What individual started the People's Republic of China?
a) Mohandas Gandhi
c) Chang Jiang
d) Mao Zedong

Name of the program that Mao started in hopes of helping the Chinese economy.
a) The Cultural Revolution
b) The Great Leap Forward
c) Three Gorge Dam
d) Tiananmen Square

What happened during Mao's Cultural Revolution?
a) the people worshipped Mao; Chinese books were written and published
b) the Red Guard burned books; Chinese Culture was revived
c) many public concerts were given; poets and writers published hundreds of books
d) citizens glorifed Mao; Western ideas were frowned on; the Red Guard destroyed books

Where did Chinese protestors go to demand democracy and an end to government corruption?
a) Hong Kong
b) Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China
c) Yantze River in eastern China

What is the name of the large dam that was built of the Chang Jiang River in China?
a) Three Gorge Dam
b) Aswan High Dam
c) Hoover Dam

What is the literacy rate in China?
a) 19%
b) 9.1%
c) 91%

What is the haze (pollution) that covers eastern China?
a) Chinese Brown Cloud
b) Three Gorge Cloud
c) Asian Brown Cloud

Who really controls the government in China?
a) Nationalist Party
b) Chinese Party
c) the Chinese people
d) the President of China

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