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Salary involves an employee:
a) Being paid by the hour
b) Being paid a fixed amount
c) Being paid by the units sold
d) Being paid a certain percentage

Wage is best used when:
a) A person works a lot of hours
b) An employees hours fluctuates
c) An employee makes large sales
d) An employee can work very fast

Insurance can best be described as:
a) A pull of money collected to help protect clients
b) adfadfdfa
c) adfdla;jfkadshg
d) asdlfkhask;lfdh

a) ;lkhkghjk
b) jhkhikjgh
c) iuhijhi
d) ijh

a) ih
b) ihi
c) jhiugihg
d) igi

a) oihg
b) oihgoi
c) hg
d) oihg

a) oiug
b) oiug
c) oiug
d) ihg

a) guo
b) hg
c) ouhg
d) uo

a) ouhg
b) ou
c) uhp
d) iuy

a) ghio
b) ygh
c) ijno
d) uygh

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