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All of the following are female parts of a flower EXCEPT for
a) stigma
b) style
c) anther
d) ovary

The reaction of the plant to gravity is called
a) phototropism
b) geotropism
c) thigmotropism
d) hydrotropism

The tiny structures that control the opening and closing of stomata are called
a) veins
b) guard cells
c) chloroplasts
d) phloem

The function of the stomata in a leaf is
a) photosynthesis
b) to absorb water and minerals
c) to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide between the air and the plant
d) transport glucose through the plant

The part of the leaf where most photosynthesis takes place is the
a) cuticle
b) mesophyll
c) epidermis
d) stomata

A tissue that is specialized for carrying food made in a plant's leaves down to other plant parts is called
a) ground tissue
b) xylem
c) phloem
d) meristematic tissue

The tissue that is specialized to move water and nutrients taken in from the soil upward in the plant is
a) ground tissue
b) xylem
c) phloem
d) meristematic tissue

The main function of vascular tissue in plants is
a) transport
b) support
c) photosynthesis
d) respiration

The main function of the flower is
a) transport
b) support
c) photosynthesis
d) reproduction

The organ that is the most adapted for carrying out photosynthesis is the
a) root
b) flower
c) leaf
d) stem

All of the following are male parts of the flower EXCEPT FOR
a) anther
b) pollen
c) filament
d) stigma

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