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How many more degreees Celesius must the temperature rise before reaching boiling if the temperature is 53 degrees celsius?
a) 52
b) 49
c) 47
d) 51

Which of the following events in the water cycle is an example of solar energy being absorbed
a) Water vapor condensing to form clouds
b) water evaporating from the surface of an ocean
c) rain freezing as it falls toward the ground
d) clouds releasing precipitation over a mountain

Which of these is a learned behavior for a fox squirrel
a) building a nest each spring
b) taking food from people
c) having a long bushy tail
d) having sharp claws

At which stage in the life cycle of a plant are seeds produced?
a) seedling
b) mature plant
c) sprouting seed
d) young plant

Which of these best describes a racoon in a food web
a) prey
b) producer
c) consumer
d) decomposer

When you mix a white powder into water and it can no longer been seen.... what is this called?
a) solubility
b) density
c) mass
d) conductivity

which of these cycles is a direct result of the earths rotation?
a) day and night
b) moon phases
c) rainfall and evaportation
d) seasons

Which of these best demonstrates the reflection of light
a) looking throught th glass of a large window
b) looking at an image formed on a silver spoon
c) looking at a lightbulb that is glowing
d) looking at a star on a clear night

Which of these is the best conductor of electricity?
a) glass rod
b) cotton string
c) plastic tubing
d) copper penny

Some beetles and mushroom break down the remains of dead animals. How does this benefit plants?
a) by returning oxygen to the air
b) by returning nutrients into the soil
c) by making space for new animals
d) by decreasing the population of herbivores

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