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Henry’s fish tank has a capacity of 28 quarts of
a) 128 gallons
b) 28 gallons
c) 7 gallons
d) 4 gallons

A bridge has a weight limit of 16,000 pounds.
a) 8 tons
b) 80 tons
c) 16 tons
d) 160 tons

Savannah is 155 centimeters tall.
a) 0.0155 m
b) 0.155 m
c) 1.55 m
d) 15.5 m

Ben is 5 feet 4 inches tall.
a) 4 inches
b) 54 inches
c) 60 inches
d) 64 inches

The length of the earthworm that Timmy found in
a) 0.038 cm
b) 0.38 cm
c) 3.8 cm
d) 380 cm

Julie packs 8 toys into a box. Each toy weighs 12 ounces. How many pounds do the toys in the box weigh?
a) 6 pounds
b) 8 pounds 12 ounces
c) 9 pounds 6 ounces
d) 12 pounds

A bottle holds 1 pint of liquid.
a) 2 gallons
b) 2 quarts
c) 2 fluid ounces
d) 2 cups

The package of crackers that Anna bought has a
a) 4.9 kg
b) 0.49 kg
c) 0.049 kg
d) 0.0049 kg

David made 9 liters of fruit punch.
a) 0.9 milliliters
b) 9 milliliters
c) 90 milliliters
d) 9000 milliliters

1 Penelope made a paper chain that was 6 feet 10
a) 82
b) 72
c) 60
d) 28

Louis bought 6 gallons of milk for the soccer team. They drank 10 quarts of the milk. How many quarts of milk were left over?
a) 2 quarts
b) 4 quarts
c) 14 quarts
d) 24 quarts

7 In the 4-man relay, each of the four team members runs 250 yards. How far does each team member run in feet?
a) 250 feet
b) 750 feet
c) 1000 feet
d) 3000 feet

Elizabeth bought a necklace that has a mass of 35 grams. Which measure is equivalent to 35 grams?
a) 0.035 milligrams
b) 350 milligrams
c) 35,000 milligrams
d) 35,000 kilograms

The Three Brothers Bakery bakes 85 cakes each week. If each cake calls for 8 ounces of butter, how many pounds of butter do they use in a week?
a) 10.625 pounds
b) 42.5 pounds
c) 170 pounds
d) 680 pounds

Which unit of measure would be best to use to measure the thickness of a penny?
a) meter
b) centimeter
c) kilometer
d) millimeter

Which unit of measure would be the best to use to find the length of a pencil?
a) mile
b) inch
c) foot
d) yard

Which unit of measure would be best for measuring the amount of water needed to make a pitcher of lemonade?
a) liter
b) meter
c) kilogram
d) millimeter

Tina helps raise the flag outside her school every morning. Which unit is appropriate for describing the height of the flag after Tina raises it?
a) meters
b) cubic feet
c) square feet
d) square meters

Which unit would be best in measuring the mass of a cow?
a) kilograms
b) kilometers
c) milligrams
d) millimeters

Li is making pancakes for the annual charity
a) 4
b) 8
c) 16
d) 32

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