Objective 3 Review Question Preview (ID: 1863)

TAKS Review.

Which of these are composed of 2 or more different substances chemically combined in a definite ratio?
a) compounds
b) solutions
c) elements
d) mixtures

Students measure the time it takes 4 solutions to pass through a hole in a cup. What\'s being measured?
a) Buoyancy
b) Volume
c) Viscosity
d) Mass

An oakworm caterpillar feeds on the leaves of an oak tree. this type of interaction
a) mutualistic
b) parasitic
c) competitive
d) commensalistic

Which of the following will cause an increase in a predator population?
a) Fewer prey
b) A period of drought
c) More parasites
d) A reduction in competition

Which of the following is found in both cells and viruses?
a) silica
b) flagella
c) digestive cavity
d) genetic material

Some antibiotics cause digestive side effects. These side effects are the result of
a) bacteria being killed in the digestive tract
b) the stomach wall being torn
c) too much water being drawn into the digestive tract
d) the antibiotics being converted into stomach acids

Which of these is an example of a chemical change?
a) ice cracking
b) lead melting
c) milk souring
d) heat loss from lava

What characteristic of water remains the same no matter what is dissolved in it?
a) The ratio of hydrogen to oxygen
b) The freezing temperature
c) The hydroxide ion concentration
d) The ability to refract light

The primary way liquids and gases transmit heat is by the process of
a) conduction
b) reflection
c) radiation
d) convection

What is the current in a copper wire with a resistance of 2 ohms and is connected to a 9 volt source?
a) 0.22 amp
b) 18.0 amps
c) 11.0 amps
d) 4.5 amps

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