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Which of the following statements about pedigrees is true?
a) Boxes typically represent males and circles typically represent females.
b) Pedigrees can only be used to trace the occurrence of dominant traits.
c) Shaded shapes typically represent people who do not have a specific trait.
d) Pedigrees show all of the allele combinations that are possible in a cross.

Carrie is studying the genes of 2 fruit flies in her lab. She knows what alleles they have. She wants to know the potential combinations of alleles their offspring could inherit. Which of these choices would help Carrie identify the potential combina
a) alleles
b) a carrier
c) a pedigree
d) a Punnett square

Which of these actions is a task shared by mRNA, rRNA, and tRNA?
a) participating in transcription
b) making proteins using instructions from DNA
c) forming part of a ribosome where an amino acid chains are assembled
d) delivering amino acids to a ribosome, where they are used to form proteins

Sickle-cell anemia is an inherited disease that affects red blood cells. In people who have this disease, one amino acid is substituted for another amino acid in a blood protein. What causes sickle-cell anemia?
a) mutation
b) replication
c) translation
d) transcription

What is DNA?
a) a type of molecule composed mostly of amino acids
b) a type of molecule that performs the main functions of cells
c) a type of molecule that speeds up the rate of a chemical reaction
d) a type of molecule that determines the traits that an individual inherits

How might a deletion mutation in a gene affect the translation of that gene?
a) The mutation would not allow DNA to exit the cytoplasm.
b) The mutation would prevent amino acids from being brought to the ribosome during translation.
c) The amino acids would not be the right shape. They would not not be able to assemble to form proteins.
d) The mutation would cause a different sequence of amino acids to be brought to the ribosome during translation.

What is the purpose of replication?
a) to make an RNA template from DNA
b) to produce copies of a DNA molecule
c) to move mRNA through the ribosome
d) to change the number, type, or order of bases in DNA

Proteins are responsible for many of our traits. How can a substitution mutation affects a person's traits?
a) This mutation stops DNA from replicating.
b) The mutation prevents ribosomes from synthesizing proteins.
c) This mutation changes the number of chromosomes a person has.
d) This mutation causes a change in the protein that forms during translation.

What is translation?
a) the process by which DNA is copied
b) the process of transferring information from DNA to mRNA
c) the process by which mRNA directs the formation of proteins
d) the process by which one amino acid is attached to another amino acid

If the sequence of bases in one strand of DNA is ATTCGAC, what will be the base sequence on the strand that is formed during replication?

Which of these pairs identifies two steps directly involved in making protein?
a) mutation, replication
b) replication, translation
c) transcription, replication
d) transcription, translation

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