How Physical Are You? Question Preview (ID: 1862)

4th Grade Physical Science Review Questions. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Heat energy moves in predictable ways, flowing from
a) warmer objects to cooler ones
b) cooler objects to warmer ones
c) objects of the same temperature
d) west to east

When light passes from one substance to another it
a) is reflected
b) is absorbed
c) doesn't change direction or speed
d) is refracted

Mass is defined as
a) the amount of matter in an object
b) the force of gravity on an object
c) the amount of space an object takes up
d) the speed of an object

Gravity, magnetism, and friction are examples of
a) waves
b) forces
c) molecules
d) energy

In which of the following materials are the molecules closest together?
a) a rock
b) orange juice
c) air
d) water

In which type of electric circuit are there many paths for electrons to flow?
a) closed
b) series
c) parallel
d) open

If you hold a magnet's north pole to another magnet's north pole, what will happen?
a) They will attract
b) They will repel
c) They will move forward quickly
d) They will create a new magnetic pole

Which material is opaque?
a) water
b) waxed paper
c) brick
d) window glass

What happens when light hits a smooth surface?
a) The rays bounce back in the same direction
b) The rays bounce back in different directions
c) The rays bend
d) The rays are absorbed by the material

Sound waves travel fastest through
a) air
b) water
c) solids
d) outer space

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