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I began the voyage that proved the world is round.
a) King Henry VIII
b) Joan of Arc
c) Ferdinand Magellan
d) John Locke

I made the Church of England a Protestant church
a) King Henry VIII
b) Ferdinand Magellan
c) John Locke
d) Mansa Musa

I led French soldiers in battle at the city of Orleans
a) King Henry VIII
b) Pope Leo X
c) Leonardo da Vinci
d) Joan of Arc

I helped Timbuktu become a great center of learning
a) Mansa Musa
b) Martin Luther
c) William Shakespeare
d) John Locke

I wrote that people should choose their rulers and make their own laws
a) John Locke
b) Martin Luther
c) Mansa Musa
d) King Henry VIII

Who painted the Mona Lisa and drew plans for inventions and buildings?
a) Willaim Shakespeare
b) Michaelangelo
c) Leonardo da Vinci
d) Joan of Arc

Who wrote the 95 Theses and said that selling indulgences was wrong?
a) Leonardo da Vinci
b) Magellan
c) John Cabot
d) Martin Luther

King Ferdinand V and Queen Isabella wanted everyone in Spain to be which religion?
a) Muslim
b) Catholic
c) Jewish
d) Protestant

What gave people in England freedom of speech?
a) Magna Carta
b) Reformation
c) English Bill of Rights of 1689
d) 95 Theses

Who helped the monarch make laws in England?
a) Parliament
b) slaves
c) Protestants
d) church

What were formed in Europe as the Middle Ages ended?
a) countries
b) states
c) cities
d) nations

What did the people of the Renaissance study about Greece and Rome?
a) science
b) art
c) literature
d) religion

What did many people become when they were unhappy with the Roman Catholic Church?
a) Protestants
b) Catholics
c) Muslims
d) Jews

What were many Africans in the colonies forced to become?
a) nobles
b) priests
c) slaves
d) merchants

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