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Who is the person that writes the book?
a) author
b) character
c) teacher
d) parents

What is the name of the book called?
a) setting
b) title
c) character
d) symbolism

What means when and where the story takes place?
a) noun
b) theme
c) author
d) setting

People in the story are called ____.
a) home
b) characters
c) police
d) author

Fiction means
a) funny
b) real
c) fake
d) scary

A symbol ____.
a) stands for something else
b) is an animal in the story
c) is good to eat
d) is what happens.

The events in the story are called the ___.
a) conclusion
b) author
c) plot
d) title

The main idea of the story is the ___.
a) theme
b) setting
c) symbolism
d) character

What you think is called your ___.
a) name
b) opinion
c) fact
d) question

Something that can be proved is a ___.
a) fact
b) answer
c) address
d) opinion

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