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Which information would probably be most helpful to someone trying to identify a mineral sample?
a) location and mass of the sample
b) shape and texture of the sample
c) hardness and streak of the sample
d) color and size of the sample

What do all rocks have in common?
a) same size
b) same color
c) they all have minerals
d) same shape

What is the difference between a rock and a mineral?
a) A mineral is more valuable
b) A rock is made of minerals
c) A rock is prettier
d) A and B

Metamorphic rocks form deep inside Earth from other types of rocks. Which forces produce metamorphic rocks?
a) rain and snow
b) extreme pressures and temperatures
c) strong winds and earthquakes
d) weathering and erosion

Igneous rocks cannot be formed from
a) lava
b) liquid rock
c) magma
d) sediments

Extrusive igneous rocks cool above Earth's surface and form
a) Small mineral crystals
b) Large mineral crystals
c) New minerals
d) New rocks

Sedimentary rocks are made of
a) plant and animal matter
b) dissolved minerals
c) pieces of other rocks
d) all answers are correct

The rock cycle is not used to illustrate the
a) process of rocks changing from one type to another
b) different types of rocks
c) journey of a rock
d) relationship of rocks to other rocks

Intrusive igneous rocks cool under Earth's crust and form
a) Small mineral crystals
b) Large mineral crystals
c) New minerals
d) New rocks

Which rock forms from melted rock - either from magma below Earth's crust of from lava above it?
a) Sedimentary
b) Igneous
c) Metamorphic
d) Diamond

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