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The force that controls the motion of objects in the solar system.
a) tension
b) gravity
c) yoda
d) centripital

Seasons are caused by Earth's revolution around the sun on it's _____axis.
a) ellipse
b) straight
c) tilted
d) circular

When it's summer in the northern hemisphere, it's _____ in the southern hemisphere
a) hot
b) spring
c) fall
d) winter

Planetary orbits are shaped like
a) ellipses
b) circles
c) orbits
d) stars

Which moon phase would give you a spring tide?
a) waxing cresent
b) last quater
c) new moon
d) waxing gibbous

What causes day and night?
a) earths tilted axis
b) moons gravitational pull
c) earths rotation
d) moons phases

Which planet has the shortest period of revolution?
a) Earth
b) Mercury
c) Neptune
d) Uranus

Why don't we have an eclipse every month?
a) earth's axis is tilted
b) moon's rotation is tilted
c) sun's tilted
d) moon's orbit is tilted

When the moon casts it's shadow on the earth it is......
a) night time
b) a solar eclipse
c) a lunar eclipse
d) a low tide

When the earth casts it's shadow on the moon it is....
a) day time
b) a solar eclipse
c) a lunar eclipse
d) a low tide

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