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What is the Sunbelt?
a) It is a band of States from the Carolinas to Southern California
b) a sunburn in shape of a belt
c) It is a band of States from Florida to Texas
d) It is a band of States from Virginia to Texas

What was some of things that attracted businesses to the South?
a) expensive labor costs
b) cheap and low labor cost
c) easy to get to the South
d) It was a good trade route

Around the 1950s what started to take action in the South?
a) petrochemical
b) the textile industry
c) large and small industries
d) trading

What type of industry was the leading source of income?
a) coal
b) oil
c) petrochemical
d) natural gas

What has NOT been key factors to the South's economy?
a) natural gas
b) Available to raw materials
c) sources of energy
d) access to ocean ports

During the 1840's entreprenuers built textile industries near what?
a) The Ring of Fire
b) The Equator
c) The Fault Line
d) The Fall Line

What is a Mangrove?
a) marshy inlet
b) tropical tree
c) a shrub
d) a swamp

About which year did the Europeans begin to settle in the US?
a) 1400-1450
b) 1450-1500
c) 1500-1550
d) 1550-1600

How many states are part of the South?
a) 1
b) 9
c) 10
d) 11

After which war was the South drawn back to the US?
a) World War 1
b) Spanish-American War
c) The Civil War
d) Revolutionary War

Which place was exploring space and the center of the oil and banking industry?
a) Austin, Texas
b) Houston, Texas
c) Dallas, Texas
d) San Antonio, Texas

Which place is a major trading center?
a) New Orleans
b) Miami
c) Atlanta
d) Baton Rouge

Hundreds of thousands of what type of people live in the South?
a) Finnish
b) Hispanic
c) French
d) Italian

Three out of the four answers are places of relatives of white Southerners. Which one is NOT the correct answer?
a) Scotland
b) England
c) Italy
d) Ireland

In 1860 to 1861 why did the eleven states from Texas to Virginia withdraw from the US?
a) The other states were stealing there soil
b) extinction of animals
c) money issues
d) moral issues

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