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There is no physical touching between the agent and the receiver in a contact force.
a) True
b) False

The viscosity of molasses is
a) high because it flows slowly
b) high because it flows quickly
c) low because it flows slowly
d) high because it flows quickly

Frost forming on a car window is an example of
a) melting
b) freezing
c) sublimation
d) deposition

Sand, diamonds and sugar are examples of
a) amorphous solids
b) liquid
c) crystalline solids
d) gas

Why does a refrigerator have more inertia than a microwave?
a) they both require the same force to move
b) the refrigerator has more mass
c) the microwave has more mass
d) the microwave requires more force to move

What does a vector show?
a) direction
b) force
c) an arrow
d) force and direction

What do solids and liquids have in common?
a) definite volume
b) definite shape
c) definite shape and volume
d) they are the 2 most common states of matter

What property do liquids and gases share?
a) definite shape
b) definite volume
c) they both fill their containers
d) no definite shape

Weight is
a) the mass of an object.
b) the force of gravity acting on an object.
c) measured in kg
d) not affected by gravity

If forces are balanced
a) the object speeds up
b) the object slows down
c) there is no motion or no change in motion
d) the object comes to a sudden stop

The old tablecloth trick is an example of which law?
a) 1st
b) 2nd
c) 3rd

a) 1st law
b) 2nd law
c) 3rd law

Action - Reaction
a) 1st Law
b) 2nd Law
c) 3rd Law

The acceleration of a ball is 3m/s2 and the mass of the ball is .5kg. What is the force?
a) 1.5 kg
b) 1.5 N
c) 6 N
d) 6 m/s2

Which is not an example of condensation
a) dew
b) water beads on outside of cold glass
c) clouds
d) rain

When forces act in the same direction you
a) add
b) subtract
c) multiply
d) divide

When forces act in different directions you
a) add
b) subtract
c) mutliply
d) divide

Which would accelerate faster when the same forces is applied?
a) Bowling ball
b) Basketball
c) Volleyball
d) Tennis Ball

Lightning, neon lights, stars are examples of
a) solid
b) liquid
c) gas
d) plasma

Adding thermal energy makes the particles in matter
a) slow down
b) speed up
c) evaporate
d) explode

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