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Which of the following is not an example of a chemical change?
a) Photosynthesis
b) Stomach digesting food
c) Chewing food
d) Burning a candle

A substance has several different atoms of several different elements that can be easily separated. What is being described?
a) Element
b) Compound
c) Mixture
d) Patela

Which of the following properties is not a physical property?
a) flammbility
b) density
c) odor
d) color

Which equation below correctly shows the law of conservation of mass?
a) 3H2SO4 + Fe --- Fe2(SO4)3 + H2
b) C2H6O + O2 ----- CO2 + H2O
c) C3H8 + 5O2 --- 4H2O + 3CO2

What law state that the mass of the reactants must equal the mass of the products?
a) Law of Conservation of Mass
b) Newton's First Law
c) Law of Equal Masses
d) Law of Inertia

How many atoms make up the compound sodium acetate (C2H3NaO2)?
a) 6
b) 7
c) 8
d) 9

What elements are present in the compound methane (NH4)?
a) Nitrogen and Carbon
b) Nitrohydro
c) Nitrogen and Oxygen
d) Nitrogen and Hydrogen

To produce salt, sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl) are chemically combine to form NaCl. Which of the following best describes Na and Cl?
a) Element
b) Compound
c) Heterogeneous Mixture
d) Homogeneous Mixture

Which of the following is not evidence of a chemical change?
a) formation of a gas
b) formation of a precipitate
c) melting point of a element
d) unexpected color change

During a chemical reaction, heat is given off. What type of reaction occurs?
a) Exothermic
b) Endothermic

H20 is an example of a _________.
a) chemical reaction
b) chemical formula
c) chemical element
d) chemical symbol

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