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What does SUBmarine mean?
a) below the sea (marine)
b) half the sea (marine)
c) not the sea (marine)
d) the middle of the sea (marine)

What is a MICROblade
a) a small blade
b) a half blade
c) a wrong blade
d) not bladed

What does IMpatient mean?
a) not patient
b) one who practices patience
c) out of patience
d) capable of being patient

What does DEcompose mean?
a) the opposite of compose
b) not composed
c) wrongly composed
d) a person who composes

ANTIgovernment means
a) against the government
b) below the government
c) full of government
d) wrong government

bioLOGY means
a) one who studies life (bio)
b) full of life (bio)
c) the state of life (bio)
d) non living (bio)

a) related to the globe
b) the middle of the globe
c) the opposite of the globe
d) half of a globe

slowLY means
a) having the characteristic of being slow
b) one who practices slowness
c) not slow
d) below slow

teachABLE means
a) capable of being taught
b) a person who studies teaching
c) related to teaching
d) the state of teaching

courageOUS means
a) full of courage
b) one who practices courage
c) the opposite of courage
d) in front of courage

A violinIST is
a) one who practices violin
b) full of violin
c) the state of playing the violin
d) a small violin

NON-negotiable means
a) not negotiable
b) the state of negotiating
c) a person who negotiates
d) out of negotiations

MISfortune means
a) wrong fortune
b) full of fortune
c) related to fortune
d) one who practices fortune

MIDlife means
a) middle of life
b) against life
c) small life
d) wrong life

UNhappy means
a) not happy
b) a person who studies happiness
c) related to happy
d) against happiness

REheat means
a) heat again
b) not heat
c) the opposite of heat
d) capable of being heated

What is a SEMIcircle?
a) half a circle
b) below a circle
c) one who practices circles
d) related to circles

What does FOREhead mean?
a) in front of the head
b) full of head
c) the middle of the head
d) below the head

What does EXOskeleton mean?
a) out of the skeleton
b) related to a skeleton
c) full of skeletons
d) a person who studies skeletons

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