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Which type of deformation leads to earthquakes?
a) elastic
b) folding
c) destructive
d) plastic

Elastic deformation can be compared to
a) a rubber band
b) waves of sound
c) burning of a match
d) molding of clay

Deformation occurs in response to this.
a) stress
b) earthquakes
c) faults
d) seismology

This is the study of earthquakes.
a) seismology
b) geology
c) deformation
d) seismologists

The sudden return of elastically deformed rock to its original shape is known as
a) elastic rebound
b) reverse elasticity
c) undeformation
d) redeformation

Transform plate motion causes this type of fault.
a) strike-slip fault
b) nobody's fault
c) normal fault
d) reverse fault

Convergent plate motion causes this type of fault.
a) reverse fault
b) strike-slip fault
c) nobody's fault
d) normal fault

Divergent plate motion causes this type of fault.
a) normal fault
b) nobody's fault
c) strike-slip fault
d) reverse fault

Most earthquakes happen in the earthquake zones
a) along tectonic plate boundaries.
b) in the oceans.
c) in the center of tectonic plates.
d) in North America.

Which type of seismic waves travel the fastest?
a) P waves
b) S waves
c) surface waves
d) body waves

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