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Which word BEST completes the sentence? The ___________ windshield was very dirty after the long trip.
a) bus'
b) bus's
c) buses
d) busses

Which sentence uses possessive pronouns correctly?
a) Is this luggage their or our?
b) Is this luggage their or ours?
c) The brown dog is ours, and the white one is his.
d) These books are his, but that backpack is her's.

Which word best completes the sentence: We sand popular songs for _______ end-of-year concert.
a) my
b) our
c) your
d) their

Which word best completes the sentence: Madison helped the child with _________ homework.
a) our
b) their
c) mine
d) her

Which word best replaces the word 'their' in this sentence: Mrs. Parker stressed that each student must bring their lunchbox because everyone would be eating on the bus.
a) its
b) his or her
c) them
d) correct as written

Choose the correct pronoun: I share ________ talent for making people laugh with everyone I meet.
a) my
b) mine
c) mine's
d) my's

Identify the possessive pronoun in this sentence: All of us have our special talents and abilities.
a) All
b) of
c) our
d) us

Identify the possessive pronoun in this sentence: Because of a combination of natural talent and hard work, his was a future filled with promise.
a) Because
b) was
c) hard
d) his

__________ talents may be hidden now, but you should try to develop them.
a) Your
b) You're
c) My
d) Hers

The English people were discouraged because ______ country was suffering terrible disasters.
a) there
b) they're
c) their
d) its

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