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Hector Garcia characterized the age of Civil Rights by
a) founding the American GI forum
b) leading the Republican Party
c) Serving as Postmaster General
d) introducing education bills to Congress

Who formed the Committee of Racial Equality (CORE)?
a) Lyndon B Johnson
b) Jamia Davis
c) Olveta Culp Hobby
d) James Farmer Jr.

Who grew up in Houston and was the first African American elected to the Texas State Senate since 1883?
a) Kay Bailey Hutchison
b) Barbara Jordan
c) Ruth Bader Ginsburg
d) Christal Mutambanangwe

Which one is a right protected by the Texas Constitution?
a) equality for men and women
b) owning a car
c) going to the movies
d) getting a masters degree

Who was honored by the post office by a stamp?
a) Peyton Wintin
b) John Ray
c) Scooter DeWoody
d) Oveta Culp Hobby

Who was district judge of the 103rd court of appeals and associate judge of the 13th court of appeals?
a) Raul A. Gonzalez
b) Laura Lares
c) Barbara Jordan
d) Raymond L Telles

Free press is important for Texas citizens because
a) they need to keep up with celebrity gossip
b) Washington said so
c) people need to be informed to make decisions
d) they shouldn't have to pay for news

If the population of Texas continues to grow, there will be a greater demand for
a) jobs and schools
b) tacos and salsa
c) cars and trucks
d) fraternities and sororities

Who was capable of immmense personal charm in Washington?
a) Lyndon B Johnson
b) Amber Foster
c) Barbara Bush
d) Justin Luecke

Which of the following is a civic responsibility of citzens?
a) going to college
b) serving on a jury
c) going out to eat
d) shopping at the mall

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