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Which of these can be underlined or italized?
a) Names
b) Places
c) Books
d) Cars

How many times have you seen Captain America 2? What words would be underlined?
a) Captain America
b) Times Have
c) How Many
d) You Seen

A short story was written called The Monkey's Paw. What would be the underlined ?
a) The Monkey's Paw
b) A short story
c) Was written
d) called

A magazine called Seventeen.What word would be underlined?
a) A
b) Magazine
c) Called
d) Seventeen

Which of the following is italics?
a) Spongebob
b) teach
c) movies
d) folders

Which is based on italics as an peom?
a) facetime
b) Duffy Duck
c) U.S
d) ''My last duchess''

__and ther are italicized only when they are part of a title.What is in the blank?
a) And/the/that
b) A/an/and
c) it/is/he
d) is/are/she

Have you seen The Hunger Games catching fire?
a) Have
b) The Hunger Games

Many Walt Disney films,such as finging Nemo are back again.
a) Finding Nemo
b) Walt Disney

Have you ever read the peom romeo and juliet?
a) read
b) ever
c) romeo and juliet

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