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Which of these should not be in italics?
a) The Night of Evil
b) I love you
c) God's not Dead
d) Mr.Peabody

Which of the following should be underlined when part of a title?
a) Good Morning Facebook
b) Hey you all
c) Hey Tamia
d) Hey Ms.Boyd

Which of these do not have anything to do with italics?
a) Books
b) Names
c) Plays
d) Films

Which of these should only be underlined when part of a title?
a) Or and But
b) The and I
c) A, An,and, The
d) I ,A, The

Which phrase should be underlined in this sentence-I am reading the short story My Dad's Job.
a) Reading
b) My Dad's Job
c) The short story
d) My Dad's

Which italic word from this sentence should be underlined My poem called Only 72 Hours Left is one of my favorite poems I have made.
a) Only 72 Hours Left
b) One of my favorite
c) My Poem
d) Called Only 72

Which word uses the correct italics from this sentence My favorite book is called Don't Go Near The Tree House.
a) The Tree House
b) Is Called Don't Go Near
c) My Favorite Book
d) Don't Go Near The Tree House.

Which of the follwing should not be underlined?
a) painting
b) titles of books
c) names
d) newspapers

Which is not is not a word used for italics?
a) poems
b) names
c) films
d) plays

Which of the following should not be underlined in a title?
a) Me
b) A night a the movies
c) I love you
d) games

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