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a memo's headings should be :
a) bold
b) italics
c) sentence case
d) in red

the text that comes after the headings in a memo should be aligned using the
a) tab button
b) align button
c) space bar
d) return button

the body of a memo should be indented
a) false
b) true
c) yo mama
d) angie daddy

you are required to put a closing at the end of a memo
a) false
b) true
c) yo mama

which of the following is a heading of a memo?
a) from
b) about
c) returned
d) informed

a ____________ is sent from someone in a business to other employees of that business
a) memo
b) business letter
c) graffiti
d) shout out

a memo should be triple spaced throughout
a) false
b) true

a __________ is a document sent from a business to an individual or another business
a) business letter
b) memo
c) note
d) tag

the text following the headings of a memo should be
a) every word capitalized
b) upper case
c) lower case
d) italicised

the subject of a memo is
a) what its about
b) who its from
c) who its to
d) none of the above

which of the following headings comes second from the top?
a) from
b) to
c) date
d) subject

memo should be written on company
a) letterhead
b) paper
c) stationery
d) toilet paper

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