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4th Grade Earth Science Review Questions. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What causes seasonal change?
a) the polar ice caps
b) the rotation of the earth on its axis
c) the tilt of the earth on its axix
d) the changing intensity of the sun's radiation

The moon glows because
a) it reflects light from the earth
b) it generates its own light
c) there are volcanic eruptions on its surface
d) it reflects light from the sun

All of the following are used to reduce soil erosion EXCEPT
a) wind breaks
b) strip mining
c) terracing
d) contour plowing

Soil contains all of the following EXCEPT
a) bedrock
b) sand
c) clay
d) dead plant and animal matter

The area where two air masses meet is called
a) a low pressure area
b) a front
c) a high pressure area
d) a counterclockwise air flow area

Which of the following statements is true?
a) Warm air is less dense than cold air.
b) Cold air is less dense than warm air
c) The density of the air is not affected by temperature.
d) Warm air and cold air have the same density

Weather generally moves from
a) north to south
b) south to north
c) east to west
d) west to east

Which of these can change the earth's surface most quickly?
a) erosion
b) weathering
c) earthquakes
d) glaciers

The movement of the earth's plates is the leading cause of
a) climate changes
b) volcanoes
c) hurricanes
d) oceans

Weathering is the
a) usual temperature in a particular place
b) cycle of seasons
c) wearing away of rock by wind, rain, and ice
d) ways humans adapt to climate change

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