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A reader wants to find out what kinds of creatures urchins, barnacles, and anemones are. In which source will he not find the information?
a) Glossary
b) Thesaurus
c) Dictionary
d) Encyclopedia

What type of figurative language does the poet use in lines 51–52 to describe the sea? The sea sparkles before me, A shining miracle of blue.
a) Simile
b) metaphor
c) hyperbole
d) personification

Which word below is not formed by adding the affix ous to a base word?
a) tremendous
b) marvelous
c) humorous
d) ridiculous

Which of the following is an antonym for wither?
a) defeat
b) fade
c) shrink
d) thrive

Based upon the meaning of the affix semi-, which of the following does not use semi- correctly?
a) Patients are told to eat only semisolid foods for a week after any type of major throat surgery.
b) Students in grades five through eight must prepare for semiannual tests in October, February, and May.
c) The semicircular arrangement of seats in the theater allowed the entire audience a good view of the stage.
d) Students had difficulty reading the instructions in the semidarkness of their classroom after the electricity went off.

Which of the following represents a title appropriate for a biography?
a) Moon Dust: A History of Music
b) The Challenger: A Trip into Space
c) The Milky Way: The Story of Our Galaxy
d) Bravery in Action: The First to Walk on the Moon

What is the meaning of the word indignant?
a) Indicating a reason for change
b) Upset by something that is unfair
c) Living naturally in a certain place
d) Content with things as they appear

Which of the following is the correct meaning of the figurative language used in lines 6–7? The atmosphere, or air that surrounds Earth, acts like a soft blanket to keep Earth warm and comfortable.
a) Figurative language describes how warm Earth is with its blanket of air.
b) Figurative language describes how Earth is different from the moon.
c) Figurative language describes how the atmosphere wraps around Earth like a blanket.
d) Figurative language describes how the atmosphere on Earth is like the atmosphere on the moon.

The children were astounded by the determination of all competing in the science fair. His determination to reach the top of the mountain was exhibited in every step he took forward. Which of the following synonyms correctly replaces determination?
a) decision
b) resolution
c) judgment
d) solution

The wood on the dock is flimsy and needs to be replaced before someone falls through. Based upon the sentence above, which choice below can the reader infer as the correct meaning of the word flimsy?
a) thin
b) shaky
c) gnawed
d) slippery

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