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Why did President Lincoln write McClellan a letter saying, Dear General if you do not want to use the army, I would like to borrow them
a) Lincoln wanted to appoit a new general to lead the union army
b) Lincoln wanted the army to protect the capital at Washington
c) Lincoln wanted to lead the Union army in battle himself
d) McClellan never seemd ready to lead the army against the enemy

Which did NOT happen at the Battle of Chancellorsville?
a) instead of fighting, Jackson rested under the shade of some trees
b) Jackson was mortally wounded by friendly fire
c) Jackson won a great victory
d) Lee and Jackson split their forces and took the Union by surprise

What famous speech begins, Four score and seven years ago...
a) Gettysburg Address
b) Declaration of Independence
c) Lincoln's First Inaugural Address
d) Emancipation Proclamation

Who led the Union to many naval victories and is famous for saying, Torpedoes! Full Speed Ahead!
a) Robert E. Lee
b) Stonewall Jackson
c) David Farragut
d) Ulysses S. Grant

How did the Emancipation Proclamation strike a blow against slavery?
a) Freed slaves if the South won the war
b) Freed slaves in the Border States
c) Freed slaves in all states
d) Freed slaves living in the rebel states

What was a major purpose of the Northern Blockade?
a) to allow only Northern ships to bring supplies to the South
b) to keep supplies from reaching Southern ports
c) to discourage fugitives from using ships to escape from the South
d) to force the south to send all its supplies by railroad

What part did Southern General George Pickett play at the Battle of Gettysburg?
a) He held off the Union troops at Little Round Top
b) His successful attack against the Union line wo the battle for the South
c) He led a barve but deadly infatry charge against entrenched Union positions
d) He brought Lee valuable information about the Union troops

How did General Ulysses S. Grant eventually capture Vicksburg?
a) He placed his me in a good defensive fishhook position
b) He attacked the city from the North and overran its defense
c) He paid spies to turn the city over to the Northern troops
d) He laid seige to the city for forty-eight days

Why is the battle at Fort Wagner important?
a) African American solderis won a great Northern Victory at the fort
b) African American soldiers showed great bravery trying to take the fort
c) The battle was the turning point of the Civil War
d) The victory gave the Union controll over the Mississippi RIver

Which of the following battles was the single bloodiest day of the Civil War?
a) Chancellorsville
b) Antietam
c) Gettysburg
d) Vicksburg

Why did President Licoln replace General George McClellan after the battle of Antietam?
a) McClellan angered Lincoln by calling him a baboon
b) McClellan failed to pursue Lee's retreating forces
c) He lost the battle
d) Too many union soldiers died during the battle

What was Geeral George McClellan's plan to take the Southern capital of Richmond?
a) Move the union army down the Chesapeake Bay by boat and march up the Virginia Peninsula
b) Surpise the enemy
c) Split his army in two and surround the Southern capital
d) March the Union army fast and hit the Confederates hard

What did Lincoln do after the battle at Antietam?
a) Issued the Emancipation Proclamation
b) Welcomed the Southern states back into the Union
c) Dedicated a cemetert for soldiers killed in battle
d) Appointed General Ulysses S. Grant as commander in chief

How did Clara Barton help the soldiers on the battlefield?
a) She provided food and medical supplies and helped the wounded
b) she trained and supervised other women as government nurses
c) she disguised herself as a man and fought alongside the soldiers
d) she secretly helped Lincoln and his generals make battle plans

Why was the fall of Vicksburg an important Union victory?
a) African Americans fought there as Union soldiers for the first time
b) Battle prevented General Lee's army from invading the North
c) The victory gave the Union control of the Mississippi River
d) His own men shot General Stonewall Jackson during the battle

Why is the Battle of Gettysburg often consdiered the turning point of the war?
a) Union ironclads destroyed Southern wooden battleships for the first time
b) Stonewall Jackson died as a result of friendly fire at the batle
c) The battle gave control of the Mississippi River to the Union
d) The Union army stopped Lee's last invasion of the North

Why did the Union army refuse to allow African Americans to become soldiers?
a) Many northerners believed that if African Americans became soldiers they would be eual to white men
b) the army had too many solderis and did not need African Americans
c) the army lacked weapons and supplies for African American soldiers
d) the north did not want to anger Southern planters

What event changed naval warfare?
a) the success of the Southern Hunley submarine
b) The battle of the Merrimack and the Monitor
c) the closing of Southern coastal ports by the Union blockade
d) the used of privateers to control the Mississippi River

On what occasion did Lincoln give his Gettysburg Address?
a) to celebrate the Union victory at the Battle of Gettysburg
b) to honor the Southern solderis who died during the Civil Wr
c) to dedicate the first national cemetery for union soldiers
d) to free the slaves in souther states after a northern victory

Why did the Union want to control the MIssissippi RIver
a) to divide the Confederate states in two
b) to connect California with other Northern states
c) to send war supplies from New York to Maryland
d) to transport troops from the north into Virginia

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