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Which of these is NOT a way to make heat?
a) Start a fire.
b) Rub your hands together
c) Pour oil onto water.
d) Mix certain chemicals together.

Which of these is NOT an inherited trait?
a) Eye color
b) Learning to sew
c) Having five toes on the foot
d) The shape of the ears

Which of the following is NOT something plant roots do?
a) Take water from the soil
b) Carry minerals from the soil
c) Anchor a plant
d) Make food

Which would NOT help you identify a mineral?
a) size
b) hardness
c) color
d) luster

Which is NOT a feature of the weather?
a) the type of clouds in the sky
b) the speed of the wind
c) the position of the stars
d) the temperature of the air

Which is NOT a basic need of most plants?
a) water
b) soil
c) sunlight
d) nutrients

Which behavior is NOT learned?
a) a dog begging for food at the dinner table
b) a chimpanzee using sign language
c) a male grasshopper rubbing its legs together to attract a mate
d) a cat using a litter box

Which statement about a closed circuit is NOT true?
a) A closed circuit is an incomplete loop.
b) A closed circuit requires a power supply.
c) A closed circuit is a complete loop.
d) A closed circuit allows electricity to travel.

Which natural event does NOT cause a slow change to the earth's surface?
a) wind erosion
b) water erosion
c) glacier movement
d) landslide

Which property do scientists NOT consider a property of soil?
a) hardness
b) color
c) ability to hold water
d) ability to support plants

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