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important person in the 17th century
a) Sir Isaac Newton
b) Garrett
c) King Matthew
d) King Smith

invented by Jean-Baptiste Denys
a) method for blood transfusion
b) shots
c) garretts jersey
d) dialysis

invented byu Gottfired Wilhelm Leibniz
a) tv
b) calculating machine
c) shoes
d) garretts cleats

invented by denis papin in 1679
a) pressure cooker
b) garretts cf5
c) refracting telescope
d) microwave

invented by Hans Lippreshey in 1608
a) garretts baseball glove
b) pressure cooker
c) Refracting telescope
d) microwave

protestant: former King James VI of Scotlad
a) king charles I
b) king james I
c) cavaliers
d) Garett Covington

who was the king from 1660 to 1686
a) garrett
b) king james
c) king Charles II
d) king matt

ho was the king from 1603 to 1625
a) king james
b) king charles
c) king matt
d) king garrett

who was the king from 1625 to 1649
a) king charles I
b) king charles II
c) king james
d) king garrett

rymes with ferrett
a) wear it
b) share it
c) carrott
d) garrett

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